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Safer At Work | Returning to Work Post Covid19

Jun 8, 2020 9:34:37 AM / by Wendy Campbell

Returning ...but can you be "Safer at work?"

I don’t know about you, but I am more than excited to head back into the office to find some sense of normalcy after what can gently be described as the most unprecedented (more like “who the heck saw that coming”) Q1 and Q2 ever.  Any normal.  In truth, life will likely look much different in the months and possibly, years to come.  This may mean rotating teams and students' in-office presence.  It could mean some workers continue remotely indefinitely, and it may require a quick pivot for business owners across the spectrum.

There are still a number of questions you may be asking of yourself and your team’s leadership as you determine the safest and most strategic way to get back to business.

Question 1: How can I make sure that my team members stay healthy?   

Great question!

With a virus that infects but can be asymptomatic in a number of individuals, how can you tell if the employees coming back or even the customers you serve are healthy?  Keep the virus out!

Limiting the number of customers and employees in the office is helpful (also required) but going the extra step to check temperatures upon entry can really help.  What isn’t helpful is requiring your front desk staff to take those temperatures.  An arm’s length isn’t really six feet, and each time they're asked to get closer for any reason, you risk their health. Please don’t get me started on the baby temperature readers I've seen businesses using…

So, what can you do?

GoSafe is a new product from OneScreen by Clary developed out of the pandemic (hard to believe we started warning you about all this in February).  In .03 to less than 1 second and from up to 3 feet away from the wall-mounted, vertical stand, or desktop mount can safely and accurately detect temperature.


The GoSafe Temperature Scanner Desktop Model

This GoSafe desktop model is great for your office, your salon, your medical office, really any reception area where you have visitors that may need to check in anyway.  This can be placed at the end of the reception desk and just far enough away from your staff to keep them a little safer.  Red means elevated temperature, green means they're within the threshold and can pass.  You can even turn on the facial recognition feature and align with your keycard system for a smooth verified entry process.



The GoSafe Vertical and Wall Mounted Models

These vertical and wall-mounted temperature scanner models are really great in areas with higher traffic.  From offices to schools, manufacturing plants, the speed by which they can identify individuals with elevated temperatures, with or without a mask, makes them incredibly efficient for large scale operations.

Combined with the optional facial recognition feature, all of the models can be integrated with badges ensuring that only those with privileges are allowed into your establishment.


Get an overview of the OneScreen Scanners here.https://abpcopy.com/products/on-screen-collaboration-whiteboards/one-screen-go-safe-body-temperature-and-facial-recognition-scanner/


How can you keep your team (and remote team) connected?

Crexendo is our favorite option.  Currently offering new customers waived activation fees, free video/audio web meeting collaboration, and other great offers now may be the perfect time to consider switching.


Based in Phoenix, Crexendo is your connection solution, is a full-service cloud communications provider that delivers critical voice and data communication services to small, medium, and small enterprise markets.


With a slogan like “Ride the Cloud”, Crexendo Cloud integrates all your teams their phones, and more.  Crexendo champions,


  • Advanced, easy-to-use features like voicemail-to-email, Find/me Follow/me user roles. Users can easily receive calls on the office phone, the home phone, on the Crexendo Mobile app, or all of the above at once!
  • The lower total cost of ownership means you can keep more of your cash flow assigned to more pressing matters. Crexendo set up requires little to no up-front capital expenses, free feature upgrades every 6-8 weeks, zero maintenance fees and provides value in reducing your in-house IT resources.
  • Crexendo phones arrive “Talk Ready” and can be ready to use in days..not months. Their intuitive web portal means simple to set up globally.
  • The easy admin assignment empowers your team members to make pre-authorized changes without the tech team.
  • Is it usable? Intuitive interfaces from the centralized web portal to on-the-fly desktop changes help you easily communicate, collaborate, and exchange information.
  • Integrations into your Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Office Tools CRMs, and more, mean all of your employee activity is logged, and more importantly streamlined no matter where they’re working.

Ok, so we’re back (sort of) how do we get everything back in running order?

It’s really important to make sure your toners are at the right levels to begin producing quality prints.  If you are unsure, how to check your toner or if your machine needs servicing, feel free to reach out to the team at ABP.  In many cases, we can remotely know what your needs are.toner-supplies-colorado

Order Supplies Now
If your copier/printer has been shut off for an abnormal amount of time then you want to take a few steps to make sure it’s fully supplied, disinfected, and ready for use.

Still looking for the right MFP app to streamline your remote effort?

Again, we covered these a few months ago but now that we're going to really test the boundaries of multi-location work efforts it might be time to review.

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is an easy app to install.  The beauty of this app is that when you connect a printer to your Google Account (a:60 process) you can start printing immediately, and you can print to any web-connected device.  Read Print from home directly to your office or vice versa!  All your printers can be shared securely from your Google account.  Ask your rep about how to get set up in your organization.

Bizcom 1.2.3– Cloud Faxing

Concerned about remote faxing?  Bizcom offers personal solutions for faxing online that are reliable and easy to use.  Essentially, from your email app, you can attach the documents you need faxed add a memo, and address it to a phone/email type address.  Easy as pie.  Small group plans start at $15 a month making your entire team fax-friendly remotely.

PinPoint Scan From Kyocera Document Solutions

Scan to folders on your PC or your Mac or cloud storage directly from your home office or work printer.

Low-Touch Printing

There are also a number of integrated solutions that can decrease the number of touches that each employee makes on each machine instead of using their personal computer to set up the print job.  With applications like Papercut and Square 9, users can have print jobs follow them to the machine they’re closest to using badges for security and preference management.  The software is usable on most brands of MFP.  If it's time to update your equipment, you can learn more about the cost of upgrading your printer here.


And, let's not forget the real value of clean office equipment.

Disinfecting machines is a recommended best practice in normal times, but incredibly important in decreasing the spread of Covid19 and regular flu symptoms.

Best practices for cleaning and disinfecting your office equipment are outlined here, in “Tech Tips with Leslie”.

If you’re looking for great toner products to get your machines back in optimum order, then take a moment to reach out to Diana at ABP.  Whether you have a contract with us, or you don’t, we can quickly get toner products and supplies delivered to your office, and typically at a lower cost than you’re used to paying.  Reach out for details.

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