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High-Speed Printing Means Game-Changing Productivity for Your Business

Aug 25, 2021 3:05:28 PM / by The ABP Team


Is your company looking for smart solutions that can help your team work more efficiently, meet deadlines, and keep their business on track. Epson Business Inkjet printers can help you get work done fast, which means greater productivity in your day-to-day business operations.
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Turn Down the Heat with Epson.

Aug 3, 2021 10:24:03 AM / by The ABP Team posted in epson printers


Keep your cool - with Epson Business Inkjet printers


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ABP & The Rockies ... It's all about a team win!

Aug 3, 2021 10:00:00 AM / by The ABP Team posted in abp, business tips, Uncategorized, hybrid teams, 2021, now hiring



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Everything You Wanted to Know About Epson Supertank Printers [ But Didn’t Know What to Ask ]

Jul 20, 2021 3:10:29 PM / by Gary Frank ᛫ Epson


Perhaps you’ve heard about Supertank printers but weren’t really sure what the buzz was all about. Well, you undoubtedly will be hearing lots more about this fast-growing segment of the business printer market, so here’s some background on the latest breakthrough in inkjet printing technology.

Epson pioneered the Supertank format and was first to market in North America, introducing its first model in 2015. Unlike traditional inkjets, Supertank printers draw ink from high-capacity, refillable tanks rather than cartridges. The innovative design offers several advantages. For starters, Epson Supertank printers come with a ridiculous amount of ink right out of the box, so you can typically print thousands of pages[i] before having to even think about getting more ink.

Lots of pages, fewer ink replacements

For example, the Epson WorkForce ST-4000 Supertank color printer comes with enough ink to print up to 14,000 pages black/11,200 color.[ii] And then there are big savings when it’s time to refill the tanks.[iii] With the WorkForce ST-2000 Supertank, an ideal solution for small offices, you can save up to 90 percent with low-cost replacement ink bottles vs. ink cartridges[iv], equivalent to about 90 individual ink cartridges.[v] The big savings on replacement ink and time-saving convenience for busy workplaces mean that Supertank is bound to become the new standard for business printing.

Versatility and options for almost any profession…

With a broad portfolio of Supertank models, Epson gives you plenty of options. From education, healthcare, government, and law offices, to lodging, retail point-of-sale, architecture, and construction or financial services, almost any organization in any business sector can find a printer to fit their needs.

You can choose a printer or a multi-function model (print, copy, scan, and fax), monochrome or color devices, and printers that accommodate standard paper sizes all the way up to 13” x 19” printouts. There are also high-powered models with built-in IT tools for networking, as well as those with a smaller footprint that fit neatly into smaller quarters. Regardless, with the WorkForce Pro WF-M5799 Supertank, you can get up to 30,000 pages of ink right from the start.[vi]

…and almost any business need

Need only black ink for legal documents, contracts, invoices, and letters? Monochrome models offer affordable, blazing-fast page-per-minute output. Want attention-getting images? Get sharp color output for classroom handouts, real estate flyers, poster-size in-store signage, church bulletins, restaurant menus, and more. Need to connect workgroups and integrate enterprise apps? Choose a Supertank model with IT tools to support secure wired and wireless networking in managed IT environments.

Top-quality, worry-free printing by design

Epson’s simple design with PrecisionCore Heat-Free TechnologyTM delivers major benefits. Traditional laser and thermal inkjet printers use heat to prepare the toner or ink for output onto paper. With Epson Supertank Printers, there’s practically no warm-up time, so businesses spend less time waiting for their print jobs. Fast first-page-out can result in greater office productivity. Heat-free printing also means fewer maintenance parts, so there may be less need for service and interventions.

Low energy consumption

In addition to providing ultra-sharp text and remarkable image detail, Epson’s innovative, heat-free printing design also helps reduce energy consumption and costs, especially when compared to comparable laser printers. The ENERGY STAR® qualified WorkForce® ST-C8000 Supertank printer delivers the lowest energy consumption in its class,[vii] while the WorkForce Pro WF-C5790 Supertank uses up to 75 percent less power than color laser printers.[viii]

The smart choice for keeping red ink off the bottom line

The bottom line? A ridiculous amount of ink in the box plus the need for fewer refills can save you up to 90 percent on replacement ink bottles versus cartridges. And with the WorkForce Pro WF-C5790, for example, you can save up to 40 percent on low-cost replacement ink packs versus color laser toner.[ix]

What’s more: the ability to go a long time between refills is a real time-saver that can boost business productivity with fewer interruptions to workflows; smart design means maximum uptime and high-quality printing, and a big choice of models means you only have to buy what you need and get exactly what’s required to get the job done. And it’s all backed up by a Hardware 2-Year Limited Warranty and 2 Years of Ink Guarantee for all Epson business inkjet Supertank printers.[x]

Delivering exceptional value and convenience, Supertank is the future of business printing.



[i] Included and replacement ink bottle yields based on the ISO/IEC 24712 pattern with Epson’s methodology. Actual ink yields will vary considerably for reasons including images printed, print settings, temperature, and humidity. Yields may be lower when printing infrequently or predominantly with one ink color. All ink colors are used for printing and printer maintenance, and all colors must be available for printing. For more information, visit www.epson.com/inkinfo.

[ii] Ibid.

[iii] Actual savings and costs will vary considerably based on print tasks, print volumes, and usage conditions. Savings and cost per ISO page are based on the cost of replacement ink bottles and the cost of enough standard cartridges to achieve the total page yields of the bottles using the MSRP (USD) and yields for Epson standard-capacity ink cartridges for similarly featured Epson consumer inkjet printers as of October 2020.

[iv] ibid.

[v] Individual cartridges estimate based on print yields of a replacement set of black and color ink bottles as compared to Epson standard-capacity ink cartridges for similarly featured printers as of October 2020.

[vi] Replacement ink pack yields are based on the ISO/IEC 24711 standard using the ISO/IEC 19752 pattern in default mode printing continuously. Ink pack yields vary considerably for reasons including images printed, print settings, temperature, humidity, and frequency of use. Yields may be lower when printing infrequently. Ink is used for printing and printer maintenance. For print quality, part of the ink from the included ink packs is used for printer startup and a variable amount of ink remains in the ink pack after the “replace ink pack” signal. For details, see www.epson.com/inkinfo

[vii] Actual energy savings will vary based on print task and use conditions. Compared with best-selling, A3 color laser printers priced at $1,499 (USD) or less and 40 ppm or less, as of December 2020. Competitive data was gathered from manufacturer websites and third-party industry sources.

[viii] Compared to similarly featured color laser printers priced at $999 or less and 40 ppm or less based on industry available data as of July 2019.  Actual power savings will vary by product model and usage.

[ix] Actual savings will vary based on print tasks, print volumes, and usage conditions. Savings comparison based on the purchase cost of replacement ink packs and the cost of enough color toner cartridges to achieve the total page yields of the ink packs using the manufacturers’ online prices and yields for the highest-capacity toner cartridges for the best-selling similarly featured color laser printers priced at $999 (USD) with speeds of 40 ppm or less per industry-available data as of July 2019.

[x] Promo valid for ST-2000, ST-3000, ST-4000, ST-M1000, ST-M3000, ST-C8000, ST-C8090, WF-C5790 Supertank (C11CG02201-LB), and WF-M5799 Supertank (C11CG02201-LB) printers through authorized Epson resellers only from 10/1/19 to 03/3/22. The product must be registered before 04/30/22. Limit 8 additional bottles of 502 inks, 542 inks, or 902 packs per printer. Max 8 claims per printer. Each claim cannot contain multiple bottles of the same color. Limit 2 additional bottles of 532 inks or M02XL120 packs per printer. Limit one bottle per claim. Based on average monthly document print volumes of about 150 pages (ST-2000), 300 pages (ST-3000/ST-4000/ ST-M1000/ ST-M3000/ST-C8000/ST-C8090), 500 pages (WF-C5790 Supertank) and 750 pages (WF-M5799). Promo applies to ink only. Printer covered by Epson 2-year ltd warranty. For promo participation, you must register your product.

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Sales Account Executive | Now Hiring | Front Range

Jul 8, 2021 11:20:07 AM / by The ABP Team posted in now hiring, sales account executive


So, you're ready for a change.

Maybe you've been in this industry, maybe not, but you're ready to level up your life.  We want to show you how!

Put simply, you are motivated, you are hungry, you are the type of person who sees 4 PM and says, "Heck no!  I want to make 10 more sales calls before I'm done for the day!"

Our culture is a work hard, reap rewards kind of workplace.  We're big fans of putting points on the board, closing deals, and having great attitudes all the while.  Friendly competitions are built into our business development, but your killer instinct should be on-point for those days out on the street.  

We help you refine your mastery with plenty of great training, intuitive tools, and plenty of market share to be had!

BBQ Fridays and the fancy coffee maker in the lounge are only a couple of the perks of being on this team, to find out more, apply now!!

Full Job Description | Sales Account Executive

Driver's License (Required)
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City Schools Exceed with Empowering Tech | OneScreen

Jul 1, 2021 10:52:48 AM / by The ABP Team posted in Back To School 2020, Student Safety, Colorado schools, Covid-19 Response, IT Services, covid19 response, onescreen, covid-19


Summary: Many school districts wrestle with the question of how to modernize classrooms on extremely tight budgets. Kansas City Public Schools decided to settle it by bringing together the nation’s top EdTech vendors for a head-to-head competition over who can do the most for educators and students. 

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Transitioning to Hybrid Schools | OneScreen

Jun 17, 2021 11:18:54 AM / by The ABP Team posted in Colorado schools, tech tips, onescreen, education solutions, covid-19


North Bend Schools Reached Out to OneScreen in Transitioning to Hybrid

Summary: North Bend Elementary & Middle School in Baltimore, MD, had a tight budget and no time to transition from an in-person classroom school to a hybrid learning environment. Their existing tech wasn't supported well, so they called on OneScreen for a custom solution with training and technical support on-demand. 

Teachers and staff at North Bend Elementary and Middle School in southwest Baltimore, MD, are dedicated to nurturing “Great Expectations” and “Endless Possibilities” for their students.


In 2020, North Bend suddenly found itself facing the challenge of transitioning to teaching remotely due to social distancing and home quarantines. “There was a lot of reimagining what education would look like,” said Hein. “We had to make sure we were still engaging our students, even if we couldn’t be there in the same room.”


“There was a lot of reimagining what education would look like. We had to make sure we were still engaging our students, even if we couldn’t be there in the same room. Overall, the integration of technology within school is vital as we help prepare students for future success in their post-graduate opportunities.”


- Patience Hein, Asst Principal at North Bend, MD

Read the North Bend School Case Study

OneScreen smart screens, built specifically for the unique challenges facing North Bend schools:

  • Foster learning with students everywhere - in-person and remote students
  • Help teachers prepare students for an increasingly digital world 
  • Rely on your EdTech with free, unlimited support and training
Get Started Now!
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Epson | Print Your Legacy

Apr 22, 2021 10:08:22 AM / by The ABP Team posted in epson printers, beautiful image printing, exceedyourvision, printyourlegacy


Have you ever seen a picture that changed your mind, that realigned your viewpoint?  

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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Move Print Management To The Cloud

Apr 7, 2021 1:58:50 PM / by The ABP Team posted in papercut hive, business automation, cloud technology, managed print services


Why businesses like yours are moving print management into the cloud?

If you take a moment to think about all of your personal services, most of them have already made the jump to the cloud. Streaming music, movies, or TV, workouts? They are all in the cloud, and so are you.

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Programming your Kyocera Taskalfa for Scan to Email

Apr 1, 2021 9:17:42 AM / by The ABP Team posted in Tech Tips 2020, kyocera, taskalfa, scan to email, 2021, how to


Tech Tips with Leslie 

How to program Scan to Email on your Kyocera

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