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How To Upload Your Company Directory To Your Xerox MFP

Nov 1, 2021 12:29:58 PM / by The ABP Team

If you've been wondering how to save time and energy at your printer, one way could be uploading your contacts for one-touch sending.  


Steps to Load Contacts to Your Xerox

You may upload your company directory to your Xerox through the web interface. A couple of notes right up front: this must be in an excel spreadsheet or .csv file and the first row should be your column headings.

  1. To get to the web interface, type your printer’s IP address into your web browser as if you were going to a website like www.google.com. Your IP address can be typically found towards the top left corner of your printer’s user screen, or it can be found by clicking [Device] followed by [About] on your printer’s user screen.

  2. After typing in your IP Address into your web browser, you may experience a webpage that says you are proceeding to an unsafe site. For our purposes this is completely fine, click the [Advanced] button to display a link to proceed further on.

  3. Once at the Xerox site, along with the series of tabs at the top, click [Address Book].
    Xerox Upload Contacts

  4. You will now be prompted to log in as the administrator. Your username will be: admin and the password is: 1111
    Xerox Upload Contacts 2

  5. You will see a drop-down menu towards the top right of this screen that says [Management]. Use this drop-down menu to change to [Import From File].

Xerox Upload Contacts 3


6. You will now be at the correct area to upload your company directory. There are a few choices to make here depending on the format of your directory and whether you would like this to replace your current address book list or if you want to add to the current list.

Xerox Uploading Contacts 4


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