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How To | Kyocera #10 Envelope Printing Instructions

Nov 2, 2021 2:17:59 PM / by The ABP Team

Looking for a little help printing #10 window envelopes?  Here are instructions to help you print #10 envelopes in your Kyocera copier or printer.

#10 Envelope Printing Instructions

At the printer:

  1. Load the envelopes into the MFP tray, face down with the short edge first as shown in the example below.
    1. Note: there should be a small picture on the tray detailing the orientation.
      1. A box should pop up asking both the paper size as well as the media type. If this box does not pop up, from the main screen on your printer hit [Paper Settings] and select [MP Tray Setting: Next]. 
      1. Under [Paper Size] select [Envelope #10] and then [Ok] 
      1. Under [Media Type] choose [Envelope] then [Ok] 
      1. Click [Close] to back out of this menu 

    At the Computer: 

    1. Open the document you wish to print, hit [File] then [Print] 
    2. Next, click [Printer Properties] to open the Kyocera printer driver. Depending on the program being used to print, Printer Properties may be called [Properties] or something similar. 

                 3. You will see a list of different tabs along the left side of the box that pops up. Choose the                                  [Basic] tab.

                 4.  Here, under the [Print Size] drop-down menu, select [Envelope #10].

                 5.  Click the button under [Print Size] that is labeled [Pages Sizes]. You want your print size and                           page size to match, so choose [Envelope #10] here as well.

                 6.  Under [Source], have [Multipurpose Tray] chosen. 

                 7.  For [Media Type], select [Envelope].

                  8. If you would like, at the bottom of the Kyocera Printer driver you should see a button that                               says [Print Preview]. If you check this box after you hit [Print] an additional box will pop up                             before any printing occurs and it will give a preview of how your output will look. It is still                                 recommended that you do a test print before producing a large job or any job with more                                   expensive  paper.  

    Your screen should match the one below when printing #10 Envelopes: 



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