“Returning To School” | 2020-2021 in Covid-19

4 Ways to Put Health First to Protect Your “Return To School” | 20-21

Jul 22, 2020 10:35:53 AM / by The ABP Team

The debate is on!  How can Colorado students safely return to school in the heat of COVID-19?

 There’s an ongoing literal daily debate playing out in our school’s administration meetings as new information and statistics evolve.

 Should schools and businesses return. Should students return in a hybrid model, should it be remote.  Should it be remote and then staggered and then full time.

The real question hasn’t changed.  How Can We keep our students (and teachers!) safe?

Introduce Body Temperature Scanner Kiosks Into your Protection Plan

Body Temperature scanners can quickly filter out those with an elevated temperature, whether they know it or not.   The variance of the GoSafe device from OneScreen is .9% any your administration is able to decide what that range should or shouldn’t be.  Children typically have higher temperatures than adults.

OneScreen Collaboration Board are including Hype for free for new clients for 6 months.

Body Temperature Scanners can be integrated into busses for onboard scanning for safer transportation of students.  They're fast, reliable, and kids seem to think they're fun.

Here's how one school district in California is using the GoSafe Thermal sensor.

Teachers, support staff, and parents entering the building can quickly be temp scanned too!

Teaches, support staff, parents, everyone should move through the temp scanning process in an effort to reduce potential exposure.  Including outdoor events, sporting activities and any other moments when you’re bringing additional people into the community.

Add more local printers to support teachers.

The goal here is to eliminate touch points and congestion areas. 

The coffee lounge is one stop the other is the centralized copiers and printers.   By adding more desktop printing devices to your network, you can reduce gatherings at the printer, under sanitized keypads, and general germ crossover. 

Additionally, if cohorting Colorado students is in the action plan, then teachers can stay closer to their students throughout the day.  This can also work for the administration offices to improve your social distancing efforts.  Adding these devices to your network can streamline and improve efficiency throughout the school.

Consider Collaborative White Board Technology

Students are going to be separated, but they don't have to feel isolated. 

Integrating collaborative whiteboards into your school's tech stack can offer opportunities to collaborate with other classrooms, other schools, integrate with online communities, and also empower students and families who are under temporary or long-term isolation orders. 

Teachers can broadcast their classes in a more meaningful and impactful way, bringing remote learners into the classroom.  

Returning to school should be a fun and exciting experience for both the staff and the students. First, it should be safe.

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The ABP Team

Written by The ABP Team

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